"The kind of thing Microsoft needs to do more of"

I got to hear the whole story from the link below on the car ride home yesterday and it sounded really cool.  I wonder how many other projects like this one are going on here that no one ever hears about. 


“This project was such a win/win situation, and it’s the kind of work that makes a difference in changing the perception of the company.  “

Update:Alex posted some of his expeiriences working with local high schools. 

High School kids build ASP.NET Websites using Linux and Microsoft WebMatrix.....

“I learned a lot about my teaching skills (or lack there of at times) and about what it can mean for students to interact with professionals. We, as Microsoft employees (as do all people), have a lot we can give back to our local communities.”

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  1. Alex Lowe says:

    Your post prodded me to blog about my recent experience with local high school kids.


  2. jledgard says:

    Cool. I updated my post.

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