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My wife and I seem to have both come down with some sort of virus so I'm officially going to call today a sick day.  I haven't read anything yet that said we've lost that benifit. 🙂 So, its a good time to catch up and blog some things I wanted to comment on.

CNet RSS... Bandit Style 
Scoble and others have decided to drop thier subscriptions to CNet becuase they switched the RSS feeds to only include headlines. Funny, it made me read more CNet content becuase RSSbandit just sets the reading pane to the web page rather than show the empty RSS content from this feed. Now I get what, works for me as, the full content in the feed. Of course, if thier web servers are slower than my browsing habbits with RSSBandit, they are now completely ignored. I guess its a case of stupidity defeated by a smarter client.  Dare explains whats next for the reader that displaced my web browser.

Human Entertainment
What ever happened to human entertainment?  Went to the Mariners game last night with Gret.  It was a great game and I got to see Roger Clemens at his 41 year old finest.  What bugged me occured between innings when the stadium turns the entertainment over to the video screen.  I have nothing against TV and I'm sure the 3D animators behind the hydro challenge races and ball in hat dances were paid well, but watching sports should be a more human experience.  If there is a need for inter-inning entertainment (don't get me started on the delays that slowdown professional baseball) why not have it performed live.  Someone wake up the moose and drag him out for a few more minutes a night, get a live magicion to perform the hidden ball trick, and for gods sake... if you want fun races then ask for a few fans to don oversized foam costumes and do a lap for a prize.  For extra entertainment you can give them bats.  Too bad that, as a country, we are just not to be trusted with these things anymore and must be pacified in only the safest of ways.  

Cell Phone
After Gretchens tire blowout we decided to get a cell phone for those 2-3 times per month we actually have missed having one. We went with the cheap Virgin Mobile solution. The sign up was totally online, painless and it looks as though we are only required to spend at least 20 dollars every three months to keep the number active.  I think just the added security and 2-3 calls should be worth the $6.66 per month.  And who doesn't want to have William Shatner answer voicemail for them?

Does my site look strange? 
Tinkering with CSS is fun when you don't feel well.  If you don't want to hurt your eyes you should probably just read through an aggregator anyway. 

Halo 2 and Verizon DSL Speed
I saw and article recently that gave me hope that I could increase my paultry 128k dsl upload ability.  Turns out the rumor was true.  I really only need this to host larger games of Halo 2.  Unfortunatly, when I called, I was told that I was too far away from the CO to take adantage of the free upgrade.  When asked if this meant I would still be paying the same ammount as customers who have twice the speed (up and down) as me I was told yes.  I hear that comcast now offers a cable modem without cable service.  I'll probably switch unless I'm offered some sort of discount from Verison when I tell them why I'm switching.

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  1. jledgard says:

    It appears that by time I got around to blogging about it Cnet has just switched back to one line abstracts. Oh well.

  2. J.P. says:

    link only: Yeah, I commented specifically on this on Scoble’s blog….got no response. I hope more people realize how well RSS Bandit handles these.

    css: looks fine to me (@6:20 PM).

    Internet: I dont know if I would choose comcast for better upstream bandwidth. Comcast only has 256k. Also if you get cable modem service from them without tv, then its an extra 5-6 dollars more a month. (plus modem rental if you dont have one.) DSL however can go up to 768k upstream easily but 384k is more common and is pretty cheap (you can get 1.5M down and 384k up for about 40$ a month I think, and 3M down for a little more.) The problems that most people have with dsl is really just verizon and not dsl in general. Verizon actually cuts the engineering limits in half when telling people they are close or far enough from the CO. As long as you are inside 15k feet, you should be good. I reccomend checking out Covad,,, and of course to check reviews of all these companies. J.P.

  3. Josh,

    No, your site doesn’t look strange. Tinkering with CSS is time well spent. The more tinkering the better because this is the only way you can become good at CSS. It’s frustrating and fun like hell at the same time.

    Keep on trukin’ 🙂

  4. jledgard says:

    Looked into Covad. They were only willing to sell me a better line @ 149/month. No luck really from anything @ dslreports for under $100 dollars. I’m right on the line of 15k feet. I’ll look into blarg next

  5. TristanK says:

    Ay! Leave my background image alone! 🙂

  6. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    Take a break, you are scobleizing yourself. I don’t want the guy who once posted great inspiring posts to become another low budget spitter. 😉

  7. Scott says:

    The posts are spread far apart horizontally in Mozilla Firebird 0.8. Is that intentional?

  8. jledgard says:

    Tristank: Should be fixed now.

    Stephane: I posted something inspiring? It would be great to know what posts of mine you liked better so I could draw on that again. Its a funny comment. My wife told me the same thing the other day.

    Scott: I imagine it has something to do with what I’m doing now. I assume the other bloggers on MSDN don’t have that issue.

  9. jledgard says:

    Scott: Is the problem fixed now. I’m looking at it in firefox .8 and don’t see the problem anymore.

  10. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    I believe your greatest posts were about Visual Studio. There you were talking about the internals that won’t be found nowhere else.

    Anything else is related to the usual weblogger lifecycle, and that doesn’t make you anything different to thousands of other people out there.

  11. jledgard says:

    Thanks for your reply. What I take from that is that you want more content that is unique to my expertise rather than my general comments on broader issues. I do have some more of those posts half finished that I need to make time for. In the mean time I might create a "Scooby Snacks" catagory for the small commentary. I’ll also try and filter to do a bit less of it unless I’m adding some unique perspective.

  12. Scott says:

    Yes, the spacing is fixed now.

  13. jledgard says:

    Cool. Thanks for letting me know.

  14. > And who doesn’t want to have William Shatner

    > answer voicemail for them?

    Wil Wheaton (the actor who played Wesley Crusher) for one! His all too short first book, Dancing Barefoot, has a hilarious description of how he first met the man he calls William F****** Shatner.

  15. jledgard says:

    Cool. Thanks for the pointer!

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