Collaborative Music Play List Site?

Here is one take on collaborative music play lists.  Personally, I’d love to be able to share and download play lists from a site that attempted to map the play lists to the music I own.  I’m sure there are people out there with similar taste and I would probably own about 90% of the music from their play lists that I would download.  Then I could go to iTunes and buy what I didn’t own yet because I liked the rest of the play list.  iTunes has a play list sharing feature that is close, but, unfortunately it’s play lists only like music purchased from the iTunes site even if I bought the CD separately.  It would be killer if it realized that I already owned the music and let me just use those versions of the tracks.


In a week or so my team will be spending 3 days doing app building with Whidbey.  Maybe I’ll explore the iTunes SDK and see if I can’t cook something up.  Just one of the many project ideas I’ve been floating around.

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  1. Rolando says:

    I was lucky to enjoy the short live of Uplister, it was so great! it helped me to find a lot of old music I didn’t recall from 80s & 90s and also get new music.

    Anybody know what happend to ? Why did they suspend his service ?

    Is there any similar service ?

  2. Just installed Mercora, p2p streaming of WMA. Kind of what 3degress should have been

  3. jledgard says:

    Rolando: I never saw uplister.

    Barry: Personally I’m less interested in sharing/streaming music than I am in leveraging shared community playlists for use on my Ipod. 🙂

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