RE: Visual Studio 2005 – Some Feedback

Omer posted some great constructive feedback on VS 2005 today. And yes, we do listen and we do want to hear it. 🙂 I couldn't choose any snippets. Most of the feedback is right on an deserves a read. Enjoy.

[Via Omer van Kloeten (Click for full post)]

...I could not resist the temptation to try out Visual Studio 2005, with all I heard about it. This post is going to be feedback only for the guys at Microsoft, since I understand they listen and want it....

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  1. Imho, it is not serious – just first view of the guy opened the studio for the first time. Point me someone who succeded to write small web app with may preview. I mean not HelloWorld, something a bit more serious.

  2. jledgard says:

    I agree that the comments are a bit targeted towards a superficial view of the product. When I find some in depth commentary into a couple of features I’ll post that as well.

  3. zzzz says:

    Well I already posted this to his blog, but I’ll ask strongly to ignore his opinion on this:

    > The Text Editor lets you scroll below the bottom line until the last line is on the top of it.

    I just still happen to remember the ton of times one needed to add empty rows to view the last lines incase there’s a window blocking or whatever – which quite often is the case unless you have multiple big monitors.

  4. zzzz says:

    Well actually that was slightly strong worded, I meant that this is the better default. Option for everything you know? I have to wonder though, is there a performance penalty for every added option? Most likely not a big one, unless there’s like million options in an xml file..

  5. jledgard says:

    There is a slight perf penalty in whidbey for new options since we store everything in an XML file for the users profile that can be easily saved, moved, and re-imported. The larger problem is that more options lead to more customer confusion and inability to find the options that they need.

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