Room for Improvement in Microsoft Responses

I'll admit, there is a tendency for people to get a little defensive about something they have worked on for a while and are so close to. I've seen it myself internally as well. I'd like to think its one of the growing pains that must be pushed through as employees start communicating more with customers. On my team we worried about this enough that we set up training to discuss good ways of addressing constructive negative feedback. Thanks for the reminder that there is room for improvement though!
[Via Frank Hileman]

When Microsoft employees began posting and responding to blogs about Avalon, I was pleasantly suprised. But I have noticed something not so pleasant, as well.

Every time someone criticizes XAML or the Avalon API, the response from MS is either “defend“ or “overwhelming detail“. A refreshing response would be, “yes, we know this is a problem, and we are fixing it”.

The defenses are very interesting, and sometimes convincing. But why ask for feedback, if Avalon is frozen? Why not fix the problems? Is Avalon frozen?

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