Another MS Executive Started Blogging Last Night. Welcome Soma!

Soma, who reports to Eric Rudder and now runs the Developer Division, started his blog last night.  He was even brave enough to turn on comments that go straight to his inbox!  I've been in a couple of meetings with Soma now in addition to his first “All Hands” presentation and I've been very impressed with his breadth of knowledge and enlightened tone.  I hope to see him share his perspective on trends in the developer space and the direction we are taking in the months to come.  Good Times! 

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  1. Rick says:

    Thanks for being the last one to tell us about this.

  2. jledgard says:

    Not my fault I don’t type as fast as Scoble. He scooped me on jobsblog and that’s run by my own wife. 🙂

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