Responding to a VSS Bug Report

The community wins just keep coming across my desk today. Perhaps that’s because I sent out a request for them…


Came across a very nice post to reference during your community report as a good customer experience:


Subject: Archive/Restore problems resolved


Newsgroups: microsoft.private.whidbey.sourcesafe

Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 14:47:23 -0700


> This problem is not unique to the Alpha of VSS 2004, but since I cannot

> discuss the alpha in the public newsgroup I bring it up here first.


> I archived a project using VSS 6.0c. Then I have restored the archive

> on three difference machines, running VSS 6.0c, VSS 6.0d and VSS 2004.

> The project looks nice, and I am able to get files to disk using the GUI.


> However, when I run a build program which uses the automation interface,

> Get fails with Version not found on the machines with 6.0d and VSS 2004.

> On the 6.0c there are no problems. There is a difference between 6.0d and

> VSS 2004. On the 6.0d machine, the Get operation appears to be successful

> for a few files, but for no file at all on VSS 2004.


I posted the above way back in August, and on request I filed a bug

report. Now, I tried to use the build program in the April Community Build, and guess what: it now works flawlessly. Great work! Thanks a lot!


Customers appreciate when we act on their feedback 8)

Yes, yes they do. 🙂

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  1. This looks like this bug:

    which Microsoft have fixed for SourceSafe 6.0d but have decided not to release the patch for it except through PSS.

    We were hit quite hard by this bug when we tried to move our SourceSafe database to Perforce (the Perforce import scripts rely on SourceSafe being able to get old versions of files through the command line interface) and took us quite a long time to work out why the import failed on one PC and succeed on another (one had 6.0c and one had 6.0d).

    I think it is reasonable to expect a source control system to be able to be able to retrieve old versions of files so I am hoping a proper patch is released for this problem soon (although downgrading to 6.0c has fixed our problem, it isn’t an ideal solution).


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