My Favorite Developer Powertoys

Chris Asks:

I just now discovered the Power Toys link and I am very excited about learning more. I am interested in NUnit and I plan to check out the NUnit Add In. What are some Power Toys that you like in particular? Or what would be good ones to start out with? Thank you so much and have a great day!

Personally I use:

I also would be a big Nunit+Add-in fan if I were developing my own software more than I am right now. 

What are your favorite tools that are, or are not, currently listed?

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  1. Re: VS File Finder

    If you can somehow send me a copy of Whidbery beta, I will update the add-in to support it (assuming of course that Whidbery doesn’t already have some built in feature to make finding files easy). 🙂

    (I am planning on doing an updated version soon anyway because some people at work are demanding better keyboard shortcuts and easier access to files they have recently opened)


  2. jledgard says:

    We don’t have a beta yet. I could send the tech preview, but we are so close to a beta release (june-ish) that should be easily availible. I would recomend just holding off your porting efforts. The beta should work SxS better and not have any issues with install/unninstall that warrents formatting/Virtual PC.

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