Going to Extra Mile to Ensure Good Support

This was forwarded to me today from YAG.  It shows how important it can be to listen to customer issues (no matter where they come from) and provide swift resolutions. 

Calvin Hsia, a dev lead on VFP, posted a blog entry about bad customer support he was getting from his high speed data provider. He mentioned that he hoped MSFT support was better. One comment we got was as follows:

Sender: Patrick

re: Good Customer Support? (by CalvinH)

Hate to confirm you suspicions about MS support but a call I made today for support on VFP8 did not go well at all.

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/vsdata/archive/2004/05/12/130612.aspx#134338

At this point we followed up to try and address the issue.  You'll notice the 2.5 hour difference between this and the next comment...

Sender: Patrick

re: Good Customer Support? (by CalvinH)

In an unexpected and rapid response, MS has made good on my support concern and is in the process of helping me solve my problem.  I guess you have me beat, Calvin.  I want to thank the VFP team for a wonderful product and now for excellent responsiveness with my support issue.

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/vsdata/archive/2004/05/12/130612.aspx#134501

So I'll make the statement this incident should not have required additional intervention on behalf of the Foxpro team and Patrick probably would have been more satisfied if he had been serviced on his first call.  I believe that we (MS) are starting to turn the corner of forging better relationships with our customers and this is just one good example. 

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  1. virag says:

    All the links seem to be messed up. They are pointing to https://mail.microsoft.com/exchweb/bin/redir.asp followed by a redirection url.

  2. J.P. says:

    from the link: "http://blogs.msdn.com/vsdata/archive/2004/05/12/130612.aspx%23134338"


    The DateTime represented by the string is out of range."

    Note that the other vsdata link gives me this too.

    The problem seems to be that "#" appears to be encoded as "%23" in the link itself.


  3. jledgard says:

    Ok, finally. All the links should work. I’m glad I have some good testers going through my links. 🙂

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