Using the Whidbey CTP Bits on Longhorn 4074

I know there has been some disappointment that Whidbey is not yet working on the latest longhorn builds. Today I found this. I'll second the "try at your own risk" sentiment since I can tell you that there has been no internal testing of this scenario. Enjoy!

WARNING: The following is NOT condoned by Microsoft.
Use at your OWN RISK.

Miguel Jimenez has a
way to href="">install the
Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview - March bits on the WinHEC
build of Longhorn. Great Job Miguel!

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[Via Robert Mclaws]

Comments (3)

  1. Joku says:

    Going to try that soon. My "instant new feature" imagination brought an idea of the VS CTP installer having some -switch that makes it forget about whether it’s "no internally tested scenario" like installing VS CTP on LH is. I had the idea that it’s probably possible to install on LH but not without some "hacking", seems Miguel saved me from the effort!

  2. jledgard says:

    Thanks for the idea. I’ll pass it along.


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