Who writes their blog in pink text?

Eric Lippert does.  Today he answered some of the popular google questions that led to his blog.  You know, from my previous entries, that I always find these amusing. Enjoy - Josh

“What make my eyes hurt when I open them in the morning?

Your planet is in orbit around a giant ball of fire.  Close the blinds before you go to bed. “

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  1. marko says:

    so does Datagrid Girl [the pink thing]

  2. I just want to know why I keep getting google referrals that indicate people are finding my blog when they search for kiddy porn.

    Not any of the techy stuff I write, but kiddy porn.

    Is it something I said?

  3. Eric Lippert says:

    It’s purple lucida sans. Purple! Not pink!

    And while we’re picking nits, believe me, those were by far the LEAST popular google queries.


  4. J.P. says:

    Larry… Also keep in mind that the visitors to your site are the ones providing that information. Its not hard to make a browser that "feeds" referral urls to wherever you visit….including a masked Google link to look like whatever you want it to be. I realized this as well as soon as I was getting referrers that did not point to anywhere that I was or will be linked on. (and now they even have ads in them.)

  5. jledgard says:

    Your right. I should just say "interesting" questions that people ask the all mightly google oracle.

  6. I can’t seem to post this on the other Microsoft blog so I’m posting it here…


    Is this blog being run on Microsoft machines?

    The website I see for the current page is:


    In my mind, this blog appears to be sponsored by the MSDN website and therefore represents the official position of Microsoft — even if is disclaimed.

    Look at the copyright. It says Copyright (c) Technical Careers @ Microsoft.

    If Microsoft allows the use of their name in the copyright, then the site MUST be endorsed by Microsoft.

    It is run by Microsoft employees and most of the content refers to Microsoft’s way of doing things – albiet from a more personal and friendly perspective.

    How much more OFFICIAL can you get than that?

    The reaction you received from within Microsoft is only the beginning of a firestorm (your words) that will (imo) result in either the shutting down of these blogs (perhaps to be restarted elsewhere) or better guidelines making it crystal clear to consumers of the blog that the positions presented are solely your own.

    There needs to be a better separation of church and state here.

  7. jledgard says:

    Not sure why you coulnd’t leave this comment on the tech careers site. I could wager my own long, drawn out answer, but bottem line… Its clear in dealing with Microsoft legal that they don’t yet have an understanding of blogs. The disclaimers are meant to cover the collective company ass.

    If, on my blog for example, I was to give you techical advice and for some reason that advice cost you a contract or caused a project of yours to fail you can’t come after Microsoft. It sounds strange, but after working here for a while you releaze that people file a LOT of lawsuits against us for no better reason than the fact we have lots of cash in the bank. (I’m not saying this is every lawsuit, but I know there are some.) The disclaimer is a way to protect the company from that.

    In the case of the recruiting blog it is especitally important for them to have a disclaimer becuase of all the employment/hiring laws that could be exploited agiast a recruiting organization.

  8. Excel is really good for for XML except…

  9. ert says:

    microsoft porn

  10. I DO says:

    yea I agree

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