New MS Testing Tool for Verifying Accessibility Now Available

Sara publicly released MSAAVerify today.  She has been working on it part time for two years and I know is excited to have “shipped“ it.  This tool has recently been picked up by several teams at Microsoft for verifying the accessibility of their software and is even taught as part of the “Testing Excellence” class taken by new testers at Microsoft. To quote her Powertoys entry:

“MsaaVerify will verify 9 Microsoft Active Accessibility properties for 10 Microsoft Active Accessibility Role types. It doesn't matter whether these controls are standard Windows controls, managed, owner drawn, or custom drawn, just use MsaaVerify!”

She also gives a little more history on her blog.

“At first, I wanted to automate screen reader testing, but I quickly realized that I needed to take smaller steps....I’ve been working on this tool for so long that it feels like I need to host a ship party this afternoon... Now, our customers can use the same tool that we use in-house.”

Good Times!

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  1. Uwe says:

    Sorry for being offtopic…

    Searching all over Google, I unfortunately found no place where I can submit feedback (or a forum for this) to VS.NET 2003.

    _If_ such a place exists, where could I go?



  2. jledgard says:

    There is not currently a good place. Send me some mail and I can make sure it gets to the right people.

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