The Return of Strange Googlings

Being out sick most of the week and the prescription strength cold medication I’ve been put on had me in the mood to go through my referral logs again in search more strange googlings!


Writing Real Well

Sir, you clicked on the wrong link.


You searched for “Sexy Sexy”, “sexy rednecks”, or canned heat and somehow found me.  All I can offer is a hearty… “yeahhhh baby”


For some people, Google appears to have become some sort of…well, a personal oracle. 


What should I write about?

If you are down to asking google, I probably don’t want to read whatever you might come up with.


What are my talents

Certainly not the ability to self assess.


Ideas for an invention that’s not made

I have this image of Cletus sitting in a trailer, watching Jerry Springer, seeing that lame ad that starts out,“If you’re an inventor, or have an idea for…”, and saying to himself “Well shoot… I dun got no idears… I bet der be some idears on that thar google bout things daint been made yet”.  I don’t want to buy your invention. 


My husband

I can’t make up my mind if this person is trying to find a husband or they were hoping that google had information about their husband.  I mean, they are working on personalized searches.  Either way, the results of this Search probably didn’t make her feel good about the whole husband idea. 


Why is testing your software so important

I don’t want to buy your software.


What should be on .net start page

Oops, that was me. J


It won’t be long before they unveil to service these poor people who have turned to a search engine for help in their lives.  The rest are random.


Bad Advertising

“You say, “that’s bad advertising…you beat that advertising with a stick


How to tell if you are in shape at 50

It’s probably not a good sign if you are sitting in front of a computer and you have to ask. 


Bad red sox trades

You could have just searched for “red sox trades”


Project about metro sexuals

I don’t want to read your project.


Monkey Butlers Pictures

Forget about the pictures.  Where are the real monkey butlers?


Chicken or the Egg

It’s not really funny, until you’re me, and you start to realize you can now prove that someone is asking google a variation of this age old question almost every other day.  For an answer to your question, I suggest you turn to where the chicken wins by a mile. 


Strange people clipart

I’m not sure if I want to go to your presentation.


Dark Side management

There are some people for whom the only good motivation could be “dark side” management techniques. If you’re Darth Vader, it’s really all about building the team that compliments your management style. 


Smart Service test for beer vender

After the first couple, it really doesn’t matter how smart your servive test was. It’s all beer.


Vacation bourbon street and wife

I picture this poor guy saying to himself, “Ok, I want to have a really fun time on bourbon street… but I have to bring my wife…” Only if your wife is really cool. 


Feel Dirty

That’s what happens when you spend too much time on the internet.  Or perhaps you saw one to many…


Bourbon Street Flashers

Ok, Office just put one of those smart tag things under that one.  I’m scared. 


"they think they are bears"

I’m #1! I love Google

Comments (7)

  1. J.P. says:

    Seriously ROTFL. My google results are definitly not that interesting. J.P.

  2. gretchen says:

    Yeah, mine aren’t either. I just get things like "HR Interview tips" and "one-page resume." But I did see a good one that came in last night: "Peeing tips and fun." Ummm … don’t even know what that is supposed to mean.

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  4. One neat thing I enjoy about having a weblog is that I can view the referrers to see how people navigated to my page. Being a self-confessed search engine junky (hey, that’s why they pay me the big bucks!), I take great pleasure in reading others’

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