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I've been watching a few feedster searches for feedback on the CTP builds of Whidbey.  I figured I'd share some of the information I've found.  If you want to keep up on this yourself search for “visual 2005” or “Whidbey” or “CTP”.  So far it’s been pretty positive. 

The MVP’s who have seen the alpha now the recent tech preview kept telling me how much it felt like we’ve listened to their feedback.  We have been and we still are.  This is going to be a great customer focused product!


The two bugs that most people seem to talk about include the breakage of IIS and the help system not working. There is more detailed information linked here. A lot of people also seem to be noticing the pink/purple gridlines, task list, and designer parts.  I’ve posted the explanation to, what I’m calling, the community readme.



I’ve seen numerous requests for a smaller download (that may not include help) and CD distribution option since a bunch of people don’t seem to have DVD drives.  One interesting request was that we allow P2P bittorrent downloads that a bunch of PC game companies do for huge demos.  The downloads would probably be faster.  We’re going to run that one by legal first.  (But I can say if you look hard enough you might just find one. J )



Choice Feedback

The first big thing I noticed was that Whitehorse still isn't there.. A nice little improvement on the Error Reporting dialog that makes the dialog close itself after the error report has been sent. Thanks, it's the little things that annoy you the most you know…View - Other Windows - Code Definition View. This gives you a window that shows a code block for whatever class happens to be under your caret. Cool!”


Just from using the new VS a little bit, I must say that I'm impressed…the new WinForm controls and designer at this point, and they're a great improvement over .NET v1.1…ToolStrip and MenuStrip controls, which look and act just like the toolbars in Office 2003 (that shading/gradient/pseudo 3D look). This will definitely help other apps to look as nice as Office 2003 does, and give a more consistent feel to apps in general…Overall, VS 2005 is really shaping up to be a great product. I already can't wait for its release”


“great job on the installation VS.NET Team!  This was the shortest install I've ever seen for VS.NET…Upon the first launch, I had to choose some layout that I really didn't understand... and well, I chose the wrong one, and my solution explorer/class view were on the left, and toolbox was on the right.  After trying to just drag them over there, I realized you had to make them sticky prior to moving it.  Bug? I think so…Startup time is tremendously faster”


And some more with good screen shots…

Comments (12)

  1. milbertus says:

    re: not having DVD drives, one option is to find an app that extracts files from DVD ISOs. I used IsoBuster (, and didn’t have any problems with it.

  2. josh ledgard says:

    I agree, but that implies you were able to download the ISO. Some of our customers have poor NET connections.

  3. Dave Bettin says:

    Whitehorse is there in CTP1; albeit a tad crude.

    My whitehorse notes are on the VS2K5CTPCRCW.

  4. josh ledgard says:

    I thought it was interesting that the perception was that it was not there.

  5. Steve Smith says:

    I’ve noted a bunch of the breaking changes in VS2K5 vs. PDCWhidbey on my blog, here: Feel free to comment on anything I missed.

  6. josh ledgard says:

    Well, there are a bunch more IDE breaking changes (.vssettings file, integrated MSBuild, etc) that could bite people trying to go back and forth.

  7. Frans Bouma says:

    The Helpsystem fix is not available anymore. It’s perhaps a good thing if MS posts this fix so we can download it 🙂

  8. josh ledgard says:

    Frans: Send mail to I’ve been waiting for him to post it somewhere from MS, but in the meantime he can send it to you.

  9. StormO says:

    The gradients are insane! How can ppl actually support that visual bloat??

    A big problem is using Visual Studio now on rotated screens, as the gradiant doesn’t follow the rotation, thus creating unusable toolbars and crazy menus!…

    We _really_ need an option to turn those blasted things off!


  10. josh ledgard says:

    Storm: Not sure what you mean by rotated screens. Could you send me an attatched pic of what it looks like? (remove the nospam).

    Regarding the bloat. Doing this is of little investmnt to us compared to other features. We borrow the office DLL code for the menu/toolbar/command system of visual studio. The only changes we make are actually to change from the Office Blue look and remove bloat. The Office DLL is aroud 9mb and the cut down version we use is around 3mb becuase we actually remove a ton of other features that are used by the office team.

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