Visual Studio 2005 Release Notes on a Community Wiki

Philip Reick has started a Visual Studio 2005 Community Tech Preview (CTP) changelog and readme wiki.  I posted the fixes to two of the most common problems I've seen blogged about so far and I encourage the community (that includes VS Team members) to do the same.  I only wonder if maybe there shouldn't be some combined efforts here between Philip and the Channel9 guys who are running a Visual Studio Wiki??? 

FYI - The official readme is located here.

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  1. Philip Rieck says:

    Thanks for the mention! although the name is actually "Philip Rieck", and it’s a joint with Dave Bettin (

    We did start it up just before C9 launched, and I’m looking at their wiki… I’d *hate* to have duplicate sources of info at an early stage like this, so we’ll see what shakes up.

    Thanks for contributing!

  2. jledgard says:

    Name changed. I really just threw the channel 9 thing out there since, really, I only found out about it a week or so ago as well.


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