Will Longhorn People and Groups solve my Problems?

Dan has a great post that points to information explaining how people and contact lists will be 1st class objects in Longhorn. These API's could be used by ISVs who want to party on your one list.  Of course, the number of people that actually take advantage of this will determin how close they will come to solving my problems

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  1. Dan Crevier says:

    Thanks for spreading the word. I’m still hoping for more comments on my post. If you have any thoughts, please post them on my blog.

  2. Aaron Lewis says:

    It’s possible… A solid company could release a "global" directory that stored nothing more than login information, and third parties could base extended information (thumbnail of your face, for example) that is necessary for their own applications. Sec — toss the thumbnail out the window, that’s globally applicable, too…

    It’d probably look and smell a lot like Passport, but nothing coming out of Redmond would be accepted as a global standard in the IM arena, since they’d never get buy-in from everyone else. So just make sure all your friends upgrade to Longhorn, because that’s the only way it’s going to solve that particular problem.

  3. josh ledgard says:

    Not really. All I need to do is get them all to become a member of a service that allows me to import thier information into longhorn and only use software myself that supports the longhorn features. They could be using Win98 and join a service like Orkut. If Orkut then leveraged the longhorn stuff I have then I would have all thier info. Then it’ up to me only to use software that supports it.

  4. salma says:

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  5. salma says:

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