VB Commenter 1.1.1 Released to the Wild

If you haven't seen them you should check out the PowerToys projects for Visual Studio that my team created a while back.  I've been impressed with the level of involvement and support from the VS community for these tools.

Anyway, tonight I decided to do some coding.  Since devs around here are fixing the piles of Whidbey bugs my testers have logged I figured I could fix some for the VB Commenter project.  Here are some of the bigger fixes now included:

• International Chars in comments now supported and we use the default system encoding instead of just UTF-8. 
• Fixed the problem with class attributes and line continuations. <Attribute> _ will now work
• <Include> tag now supports absolute as well as relative paths
• The withevents keyword was giving us problems. It no longer does.
• No longer problems with people who decide to name variables “namespaceXXX”
• Command line builds should now work!

Next I’m going to spend some time working in the VSCMDShell project and move it along to a usable beta.  Want to help? 🙂


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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Josh,

    I’ve just tried the new version and it no longer loads at all. The error I get is

    The Add-in ‘VBCommentor’ failed to load or caused an exception….

    Error Message <Unknown Error>

    Error number 80131513


    This occurs when I load Visual Studio (2003).

    Best regards


  2. Steve says:

    Hi Josh,

    Fixed it! Somehow, maybe the uninstall of 1.1, office.dll got removed from the Common/IDE folder. Copying it back fixed the problem.

    Oddly the powertoy copies this DLL into it’s own folder but VS does not look there.

    Best regards


  3. jledgard says:

    I was going to say it sounded like you had an install problem. I’ll look at why this dll is being moved around by our setup though.

  4. rstone says:

    I have not used VBCommentor or VBXC before. I tried VBXC yesterday without much luck. I also installed VBCommentor also. I decided to uninstall both and just now installed only VBCommentor 1.1.1. The result was that VS 2003 would not work – the error was something like ".Net compiler not found…reinstall VS." I’m reinstalling now – tick toc tick toc…. Any ideas what went wrong? :-[

    Tick toc tick toc – time for a walk,


  5. rstone says:

    It’s reinstalled and VBCommentor appears to be working. I typed ”’ and got the documentation template – very cool. I’ll muddle on and try intellisense and ndoc – this is not easy the first time. 🙂


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