2001 San Juan Cellars Syrah – 7 of 10 Glasses

This wine has a smoky smell that’s
fuller than most Syrahs, is medium bodied, and smooth going down.   There
are better Syrahs for the price, which is $20.  prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"


The Winery (Tasting Shop), located
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is great to visit with friendly
passionate owners available for stories and tasting notes.  You
could tell they loved what they do, having left jobs in Missisipi to purchase this
winery and move to the San Jauns. 


Here are the winmakers

“This is a robust, dry red with
notes of spice and berry. We released only 100 cases of this wine. It is terrific
with hearty foods such as grilled beef or barbequed dishes. The Australians call this




You can taste the spices upfront
on the first sip.  Enjoy.


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