I feel dirty

It’s been a while since my last entry.  I don’t feel like a bad blogger.  While I’d love to keep on a more regular schedule, and it’s still my goal to do so, there are a number of things that have kept me from doing so over the last 20 or so days.   First,…


“Edicate” is not proper “Etiquette”

Welcome all miss-spellers of the word “Etiquette”.  You must be wondering how your google searches for “Golf Edicate” or “Hotel Tipping Edicate” or in some cases “Strip Club Edicate” yielded so few results.  Well, that’s because you, like me, are spelling deprived and would probably shudder at the thought of living in a world without…


Virus Protection and Visual Studio

“I have virus protection software X with Y features enabled and I’m trying to get Visual Studio to do Z but I see error messages instead.  What can I do?”   I see this question a LOT about Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003.  This post is an effort to consolidate the answers to these…


Help and Community in VS Whidbey

In my last meaningful blog entry I talked a bit about some really small improvements our team is making to the UI.  Well, I also said we were working on other, larger changes.  By far, one of the biggest undertakings on my team is to re-vamp the help experience for users.  Anyway, I’ll let Tim…


PA – Status Report

<Inside Humor> Yes Aaron, Penny Arcade is worth checking out today. Now get back to work. :-)  </Inside Humor>


2001 San Juan Cellars Syrah – 7 of 10 Glasses

This wine has a smoky smell that’s fuller than most Syrahs, is medium bodied, and smooth going down.   There are better Syrahs for the price, which is $20.    The Winery (Tasting Shop), located at Friday Harbor is great to visit with friendly passionate owners available for stories and tasting notes.  You could tell they…


Whidbey Bits

Ok, so I can’t just give away Whidbey bits to everyone. I’m excited about it so I wish I could. When I can do is share some tidbits about what our team is working on.   One of the most exciting things I did yesterday was change the theme on my laptop.  Here is the…


Software Testing 6: Good Tests for Bad Parameters

Getting a bit more specific I figured I’d post something that my team created as a helpful resource for people building test plans.   This document started as a one page guide, and turned into a five page list of interesting tests as it passed from tester to tester in the developer division.  Please don’t consider…


Software Testing Problems 5: Starting to Test Connected Applications

If no one has completely solved issues surrounding the testing of Web Sites or traditional Win32 applications then you can assume that there are problems abound testing applications that connect to either other networked applications or web services.   Advancements such as Indigo will only make these types of applications more prevalent moving forward so you’re…


Writers Block and PDC

No, I haven’t gone dark because I flew down to PDC.  I’d probably have more to talk about if I did.  In truth, I’ve come across some writers block while trying to put my latest thoughts to digital paper.  That, and the GDN site seems to have been very flaky for me.   I do know…