N-Tier Improvements for Entity Framework

We have recently published an article on API changes that we want to make in next version of Entity Framework in order to enable more N-Tier scenarios. Getting this right is very important to us and we're interested in getting as much of your feedback on the proposed design as possible.

Please read and comment on the article at: http://blogs.msdn.com/efdesign/archive/2008/11/20/n-tier-improvements-for-entity-framework.aspx

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  1. unruledboy says:


    you said:

    1. Split EDMX it into 3 pieces (CSDL, SSDL and MSL) – designer does this for you if you choose to copy those artifacts to the output directory.

    I did not get it, could any please explain "choose to copy those artifacts to the output directory"? does it mean to choose "copy to output directory" in the property window of "Foo.Edmx"?

    if so, after chose, there was only Foo.Designer.cs in the output directory, not CSDL, SSDL and MSL files.

    please refer to this for detail:


    thanks a lot.

  2. Yes. "Copy to output directory" is the option. After you enable it and rebuild your project you should see CSDL,SSDL and MSL file in your "binDebug" directory.

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