Thanks for coming to the New Project Ignite – here are the slides!

The slides from the New Project Ignite could be downloaded in PDF format from here

Thank you for coming or joining the Lync meeting - we had 30 countries and 312 companies represented! It was a big series of training sessions!

We hope that it sparked your interest in the New Project – and would like to remind you that more technical information is available on TechNet – and MSDN - – and the content is still growing!

If you have missed the tour – the next chance is the Microsoft SharePoint Conference. With Christophe we will do one day "The Best of the New Project Ignite" – registration is at no charge (no shows will be charged a $300 fee​) for all SharePoint Conference attendees.


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  1. Khalid Diab says:

    Thanks man for all the efforts, great slides, can we get them in powerpoint format?

  2. Berit Vinther Ledet says:

    Great slides, and thanks for a super Ignite.

  3. Thank you for a great learning Ignite Session!

  4. Anabel Lay says:

    Hi Jan! Tks. I enjoyed it very much @Reston.  It helped me put together my upgrade proposal, so I will be using Project Server 2013 on premises early next year.

  5. Didier Maignan | E-Labor Conseil says:

    It was a great pleasure to share the Project 2013 Ignite. We are so excited ! We need to localse them, can you provide the pptx file ?

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