Last Day with Microsoft

From: Jeremy Jameson Sent: Friday, September 02, 2011 3:01 PM To: [snip, snip] Subject: Last day with Microsoft Today is my last day with Microsoft and it is with a heavy heart that I now say farewell to past and present teammates, coworkers, and managers. The last 11 years have been an incredible chapter in…


New Blog Location –

As I mentioned in my previous post, today is my last day with Microsoft. I still have a lot of work to do in setting up my new website, but at this point, I’ve completed enough to continue blogging the “Random Musings of Jeremy Jameson”: If you subscribed to my MSDN blog in the…


Leaving Microsoft

Last Thursday, I informed my manager that I have decided to leave Microsoft to pursue other opportunities. My last day will be September 2nd — just a few days shy of my 11 year anniversary date with the company (my first day was September 5, 2000). You might be wondering why I would choose to…


New Blog Template and Styling

Last Thursday, I mentioned a problem that would occasionally occur with the formatting on my blog posts (but only when viewing the default page — listing the most recent posts — and not when viewing individual posts). Tonight I thought I should spend a little more effort trying to resolve the issue. However, rather than…


Blog Post Formatting Issues

Earlier this week, a colleague of mine was building out his own version of the Jameson Datacenter based on a variety of posts I’ve written in the past. Over an IM conversation, he mentioned that some of my posts tend to run off the page — making them difficult to read unless you can resize…


You’ll Have to Pry That Money from My Cold Dead Hands

I’ve been using Microsoft Money for as long as I can remember. Well, actually I can remember using Quicken at some point before switching to Money. Heck, I even remember tracking my finances in an Excel workbook before that. I just checked my Money file (which is currently a little over 51 MB) and found…


Escaping from Double-Click Purgatory

A few weeks ago I started experiencing an incredibly frustrating problem on my laptop. When I clicked the mouse, instead of responding with a single-click (e.g. to select an item), it acted as if I double-clicked the mouse button. At first I thought that I was simply losing control of my motor reflexes (in other…


Analyzing My MSDN Blog

According to my blog dashboard, this will be post #150 for my MSDN blog. So this morning I thought I would do something a little different by providing some analysis on my blog. I extracted the data from Community Server into an Excel spreadsheet so I could easily create some pivot tables and charts. [I…


Is AutoCorrect making me stupid or just plain lazy?

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about something. Do you find yourself occasionally typing one word when you are actually thinking of a different word that sounds the same? A faint recollection from one or more of my English classes long ago suggested that these words are called homonyms. However, a quick search just now on…


The Original "Jameson Datacenter"

This morning I was doing some cleanup of my documents folder and I stumbled across a rather old Visio document that showed the beginnings of what I now refer to as the “Jameson Datacenter” (a.k.a. my home lab). For some geeky reason, seeing this again brought a smile to my face and a sense of nostalgia….