Before you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1…

…make darn sure you have already installed the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 (if you want to use them, of course).

Otherwise, like me, you’ll likely resort to nuking your desktop and starting over.

Earlier this week, I posted about how I rebuilt my Windows 7 desktop while installing a new solid-state drive (SSD). Unfortunately, I later discovered that if you install Windows 7 SP1 before installing the current RSAT package, then you’re essentially screwed.

If you attempt to install the current RSAT release after installing Windows 7 SP1, then you’ll be greeted with a not-so-friendly message that the update not applicable to your computer.

Of course, this is clearly documented on the download page:

**Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 can be installed ONLY on computers that are running the Enterprise, Professional, or Ultimate editions of Windows 7. This software CANNOT BE INSTALLED on computers that are running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). To run Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 on a computer on which you want to run Windows 7 with SP1, first install Remote Server Administration Tools, and then upgrade to Service Pack 1.**

This software is not supported on computers that are running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). If your computer is running Windows 7 with SP1, and you try to install Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7, the following error message is displayed: “The update is not applicable to your computer.” This limitation is by design, and is documented in the Windows 7 with SP1 Deployment Guide.

Then again, if you downloaded RSAT for Windows 7 a long time ago (like I did back in 2009), then you probably missed this announcement. Apparently I really should have read the Windows 7 SP1 Deployment Guide before rebuilding my desktop. Ah…so much to read, so little time.

While researching the issue, I noticed that somebody mentioned you can uninstall SP1, install RSAT for Windows 7, and then re-install SP1. However, that didn’t seem like the best idea in my mind. After all, since I rarely rebuild my desktop I figured I might as well “do it right” instead of resorting to some hack.

The updated RSAT package for Windows 7 SP1 should be available soon (“scheduled for release in Spring 2011”).

Mercy…why couldn’t this have sim-shipped with Windows 7 SP1?

Comments (5)

  1. Andre Ziegler says:

    you can try my unofficial hack:…/index.php

  2. jjameson says:


    While people are certainly welcome to try the hack you link to above, it's been made pretty clear that this is considered "extremely unsupported and dangerous" (…/rtm-rsat-and-sp1-win7-shot-over.aspx).

    Obviously the SP1 version of RSAT for Windows 7 can't come soon enough, but if you *do* decide to go that route in the meantime, then I think it's safe to say you should expect to rebuild your Windows 7 box after the updated tools are released.

  3. Dave Burke says:

    Thanks for taking the time to document this so clearly.  RSAT is always part of my essential checklist on a PC setup, but now I'll remember to keep it there in the future.

  4. Daniel Fisher says:

    You can maybe patch the MSU file using orcas like it's done with shared view here:

  5. Jim Grabinski says:


    Thanks for the great post! This would have saved me a ton of time; I'm doing a similar rebuild. However, this issue has been fixed as of April 7, 2011. The Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)  package is now available from the same location:…/details.aspx

    Thanks again!