Avoid Issues with Caching by Using "Theme Versions"

In a previous post discussing Web standards design, I mentioned how I like to use “Theme” folders to organize CSS files and related images that define a specific look-and-feel for a site. For example, suppose we are tasked with building the Internet site for Fabrikam Technologies and we are leveraging SharePoint Server (2007 or 2010…


Always Enable Disk-Based Caching in SharePoint Server 2010

In March, 2009, I wrote a post that explains why I always recommend enabling disk-based caching in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. This morning a Microsoft PFE (Premier Field Engineer) reached out to me after he came across my blog post while investigating some issues at a customer site. He said that he was…


Localization and SharePoint Solutions, Part 1

The primary goal for the current sprint on the project I’m working on is to localize the client portal previously developed for the United States so that it can be used by other regions around the world — initially Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and a few Latin American countries. In other words, the bulk of the…


Recovering Your Work After an Expression Web Crash

I am getting a little tired of Expression Web 4 crashing on me. I’m not sure why I’m repeatedly encountering issues with the latest version of Expression Web, but I suspect — given the frequency at which it is crashing — it may have something to do with the TFS integration. Note that this is…


Avoid Extraneous Database Roundtrips in SharePoint PublishingPageCollection.Item Property

In my previous post, I explained how I analyze database roundtrips using SQL Server Profiler in order to identify potential performance issues. While working on some proof-of-concept code for my current project, I found the PublishingPageCollection.Item(String) property in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 can result in a large number of extraneous database roundtrips. If you’re…


Analyzing Database Roundtrips with SQL Server Profiler

One of the “good habits” I’ve developed over the years while creating applications is scrutinizing the interaction between logical or physical tiers. Given the nature of solutions that I’m typically involved with, this often involves examining how many roundtrips are required to the database in order to render a single Web page on a site….


Update on Soluto and Antivir Solution Pro Virus

In my previous post, I described my encounter with the Antivir Solution Pro virus after installing Soluto (“anti-frustration software” that analyzes the boot time  of your PC). Roee Adler, Chief Product Officer at Soluto, assured me the virus was not transmitted via Soluto (directly or indirectly via the PC Genome service). While they are aware…


Soluto and Antivir Solution Pro Virus

Update (2010-08-05) Note that I was unable to reproduce the virus infection after installing Soluto on a different environment. I encourage you to read my next post instead of — or in addition to — this post. In one of the sessions I attended last week at TechReady (an internal training conference at Microsoft), the…


Recommended ISO Tools

I added a new item to my Toolbox this weekend — LC ISO Creator. It’s not fancy, or even supported, but it is free and it appears to do what it is supposed to without issue, specifically creating an ISO image from an existing CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. There’s no setup program, just a tiny EXE…


Removing Downloaded Program Files (e.g. ActiveX Controls) in Windows 7/IE 8

In the latest sprint on my current project, we are adding yet another major feature to a customer service portal — specifically, the ability to view live video feeds from security cameras. The vendor this particular customer has selected for providing the camera functionality utilizes several ActiveX controls to implement video feeds. Consequently, one of…