ProcDump – An Easier Way to Create a Mini-Dump

In a previous post, I mentioned an issue I've been having with Expression Web 4 crashing on me. In that post, I mentioned a few ways that you can create a mini-dump for a process (e.g. with Visual Studio, WinDbg, or ADPlus).

A couple of weeks ago, one of the developers on the Expression Web team enlightened me regarding a new Sysinternals tool called ProcDump that makes this even easier. I've since made ProcDump a permanent addition to my Toolbox.

Here's a little script that I keep on my desktop that shows how to write a mini-dump when an unhandled exception occurs in Expression Web:

cd C:\NotBackedUp\Temp\ExpressionWeb
C:\NotBackedUp\Public\Toolbox\procdump.exe -e -ma ExpressionWeb.exe

Note that there are many more command-line options available for ProcDump (for example, "-h" can be specified to monitor for a hung process). If you are a developer, I highly recommend downloading ProcDump today.

Kudos to Mark Russinovich for yet another invaluable tool!

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