Soluto and Antivir Solution Pro Virus

Update (2010-08-05)
Note that I was unable to reproduce the virus infection after installing Soluto on a different environment. I encourage you to read my next post instead of -- or in addition to -- this post.

In one of the sessions I attended last week at TechReady (an internal training conference at Microsoft), the speaker mentioned a new piece of "anti-frustration software" called Soluto which analyzes the boot time  of your PC. It certainly sounded intriguing and I made a note to take a look at it when I got back home from Seattle.

This morning I  installed Soluto on my Windows 7 x64 desktop at home. Everything seemed first.

Soluto reported that my boot time was 1 minute 27 seconds (showing how that timeline was broken down loading various applications). It also recommended that I disable the Microsoft Office Groove client as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader (both of which seemed reasonable given that I never use Groove on this particular machine and I rarely view PDF documents). Soluto also discovered some "unrecognized" programs and prompted me for permission to connect to the PC Genome project to attempt to identity them.

Unfortunately, after a few minutes I discovered that my PC was infected with the Antivir Solution Pro virus. This is a particularly nasty virus because it disguises itself as an anti-virus program, disables other security measures, and subsequently attempts to gather personal information. For example, when I attempted to launch Microsoft Security Essentials, I received a message stating that the program was infected. The virus also set the proxy on Internet Explorer to (which redirected all HTTP requests through the virus, undoubtedly in an attempt to steal personal information).

I managed to avoid the land mines with the virus and quickly removed Soluto (which also removed Antivir Solution Pro). I was then able to start Microsoft Security Essentials, at which point it detected a Trojan horse on my computer (as shown in the screenshot below).

Figure 1: Scheduled tasks for backing up databases

I am now running a "Full scan" with Microsoft Security Essentials just to be safe.

I'm not sure how Soluto managed to infect my computer, but I can tell you that I did not surf any Web sites between the time I installed Soluto and the time I discovered the Antivir Solution Pro virus.

Beware of Soluto. I love the idea, but now I'm very wary of the actual implementation. It will be a long, long time before I attempt to install it again.

If you work for Soluto and you are reading this, note that I tried submitting a post to, but unfortunately your site requires me to authenticate before submitting to the forums. I'm sure you can understand why I didn't feel comfortable registering any personal information with your site in light of my experience today. However, please feel free to contact me through my blog. I really would like to be able to eventually recommend Soluto to my friends, family, and customers.

Comments (5)

  1. Roee Adler says:

    Hi Jeremy, I'm 100% confident the virus has nothing to do with Soluto, I wrote you a detailed explanation in the contact form. Feel free to contact me at

    Roee Adler


  2. IL says:

    Guys! Waiting for your comments if Soluto has something connected to malware. Thanks.

  3. Connie says:

    My sister called to ask how to remove the Antivir Solutions Pro. We unset the proxy and ran MS Security Essentials, which did not find the infection. I am still fighting to remove this

  4. Joe says:


    I had same malware like you on my Dell notebook, I run PC Repair from, it's cleared the virus and PC, and my pc fast like new.

  5. IL says:

    Jeremy, thanks a lot for demonstrating the issue with your computer. It helped me to be careful with software and let me know about nice tool Soluto. Glad to know that Soluto has nothing to do with malware.

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