Silverlight Developer Vacancy at a Microsoft Media Service Partner – Interested ?

A premium media service partner Origin Digital ( who I work with regularly is looking for a contracting position to be filled right away in northern NJ. They require superior Silverlight development skills.   If interested please send your resume to directly. Please do not send them to me, or respond to this entry…


TimeCode Ranges from Windows Media Metadata

As a follow up to my previous post , I have updated the code to add the ability to extract SMPTE timecode ranges.    The WMMetadataReader class (in WMMetadataReader.h) now has a public method like below: System::Collections::Generic::List<SMPTETimeCodeRange^>^ GetSMPTERanges(String^ FilePath, int StreamIndex);   This allows you to explicitly get the time code ranges, for a specific…


2nd Edition of our Silverlight Recipes book is now available…

  Rob and I worked hard on updating this for SL 3. If you do happen to purchase it, please let us know if you like the format, the topics and any thoughts on how we can improve. We are about to start early work on the next edition for Silverlight 4 – your feedback…


Windows Media Metadata in Managed Code (and by extension – Silverlight)

I have encountered several inquiries about accessing the metadata embedded in Windows Media file headers from Silverlight. Unfortunately Silverlight does not expose this information out of the box. The only way you can access this is by utilizing the Windows Media Format SDK. The Format SDK exposes its functionality in COM and requires you to…


IIS Media Services 3.0 Released!!

The IIS Media Services team just released the IIS Media Services 3.0 suite of technologies. This is pretty big release for us – with Live Smooth Streaming possibly being the coolest part of it. If you are watching the NBC Sunday Night Football on the web, then you have seen Live Smooth Streaming in action….


Silverlight 3 is now officially released!!

WooHoo!! Go read more about it in Scott’s blog here. I will be positing my own experiences and thoughts in the coming days.   Learn more and download at   Enjoy!!


Architect Council Webcasts

The Microsoft Patterns & Practices team, in collaboration with members of the Microsoft Developer Evangelism team (my uber team that is) is putting together a series of webcasts titled “Pragmatic Patterns for Architects” . I would vote “must attend” for these. Below are more details:   ARCHITECT COUNCIL | Pragmatic Patterns for Architects “Cloud computing…


MTV & Silverlight 3 at NAB 2009

NAB 2009 rocked !! It was exhausting working the booth, standing on my feet all day, talking to so many people over the course of four days, but it was so exciting at the same time. We showed many cool things at the Microsoft booth, including Silverlight 3, IIS 7 Smooth Streaming, our Fast search…