Binding an embedded image using a value converter

Recently I needed to bind some embedded images to data templates. If you look at the Image type in Silverlight 2, you will see that it exposes a Source property of type ImageSource that can be set to the URI of an image either relative to the XAP, or in its absolute form. If the…


Open position in our team..

Our team (Developer & Platform Evangelism for Communications, Media & Entertainment) is looking to hire a person in the role of a Platform Strategy Advisor. A PSA is a very exciting, highly visible, and influential role within the team and the company. In the words of the hiring manager, below is a description of the…


Back to blogging – my book and other news…

I have been inconspicuously absent on blogosphere for a while now. For my handful readers – I hope you missed me :-). I am back to blogging and hope to put out some more interesting stuff for you guys in the coming weeks. First for exciting news. We are close, very close to finishing up…


Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is now available !!

Woo – Hoo!! Navigate over to to download the  freshly minted beta 2 bits including the runtime, the SDK, and the Visual Studio 2008 tools for Silverlight 2 development. There is also a brand new version of Blend 2.5 preview and a new version of the Deep Zoom Composer available for download as well….


Broken link to attachment fixed for previous post

Sone folks pointed that the code sample attachment in my previous post on the Async Multiple File Upload Control for Silverlight 2 was broken. I have fixed it in the post as well provided a link below to the code on my Windows Live SkyDrive. Sorry for the incovinience.


Slides and Demos from Developer Days, March 13th in New York

I recently gave two presentations at one of our events in New York – one on WPF and one on Silverlight 2. A lot of folks asked me to make the slide decks and the code demos available. So here they are (zipped) – you can download them from my Windows Live SkyDrive below. Feel…


WPF based Music CD Ripper

One of the WPF based projects I am working on right now needs some functionality to enable ripping music CD’s a la Windows Media Player. I was digging into the various Windows Media SDK’s as well as the Media Foundation stuff in Windows Vista to find the best way to achieve this – and it…