WPF based Music CD Ripper

One of the WPF based projects I am working on right now needs some functionality to enable ripping music CD's a la Windows Media Player. I was digging into the various Windows Media SDK's as well as the Media Foundation stuff in Windows Vista to find the best way to achieve this - and it turns out the easiest is to rely on Windows Media Player itself. WMP exposes all of this via COM - so all you need to do is add a reference to the appropriate typelib, and off you go. Probably not the best solution, because of the WMP dependency, but it works nicely. I built a quick WPF prototype, and thought some of you might benefit from the code. I am attaching the Visual Studio project (zipped)- feel free to play with it.


Note that you will need Visual Studio 2008 and WMP 11 on your machine. There is also a way to use WMP 10 for this, but the user experience is not as nice. Also note that there are ways to rip music CD's with no dependency on WMP, but the solution will be significantly more complicated. Also be aware that depending on your settings, as soon as you pop a music CD, WMP might come up itself and start ripping. Make sure to close WMP before you try this app out.


Below is a screenshot. Zipped source code attached.




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  1. Kris says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. My colleague Jit Ghosh just posted some samples of a project he is working on . It’s a nice overview

  5. My colleague Jit Ghosh just posted some samples of a project he is working on . It's a nice overview

  6. VO 01 says:


    There is ViewOn.tv, a full Media Player based on WPF.


  7. Milhouse says:

    Thank you for posting this code. I am currently archiving my cd collection and wanted more control of extracting the metadata.

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