Inaugural Post!!!

Inaugural Post!!!

For my first entry, I thought it would be fitting just to give a brief introduction of myself and write a little blurb on the things I will cover on this site.  My name is Jimmie Russ and I am a Developer Support Engineer for Microsoft.  I work on the IIS team which is soon to be the IIS/ASP.NET team as our teams and technologies are merging. I was a developer for nine years before joining Microsoft in 2005 as a contractor.  I primarily developed medium range Windows-based client server applications for large businesses and the U.S. Government using Microsoft tools and technologies.  In 2006, I joined the IIS team as a full time employee.  I am based at the Charlotte, North Carolina Microsoft campus. 

Working as a SE, I get to work on some very interesting and sometimes difficult issues.  I thought it would be worthwhile to blog some of the more interesting cases so that others may benefit from the resolutions we find.  My goal is to post at least two new entries per week, with possibly a few extra's thrown in from time to time.  I also plan on posting links to some of the core tools we use in troubleshooting common IIS problems. 

Ultimately, the goal here is to provide a good resource that my customers and colleagues can use to make their lives easier.  I hope during our journey you will find the postings useful and informative

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