Strut Your Stuff at App Demo and Drinks – March 28

Our friends from PreApps are hosting the next App Demo and Drinks Meetup at Champions in Boston on March 28th, and this event has two featured guests:

ApptopiaJonathan Kay, COO and Founder of Apptopia, will be kicking off the event. Apptopia is a local success story with global traction and has been featured in TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes and other high profile business and entrepreneur sites.  It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the business of your apps, which, after all, are really much more than just a code base.  There are users, investors, partners, and other key players involved that you need to understand and be aware of to drive your success.

Demo your own app at the meetup!Your app – that’s right, another guest tonight could be your app! What great Windows 8 or Windows Phone app are you working on? If you have one in the store, come show it off and get more users and buzz among the other attendees. And if you’ve got one you’re still working on, what an awesome opportunity to get some feedback and advice before you do launch, making that initial version that much more impactful.

Reach out to Kim Roz, the Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at PreApps, to claim your time in the spotlight at the event!

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