Build a Following for Your App – Before You Launch!

PreappsA couple of months ago, I met the marketing director and CEO of a local Boston startup that had an awesome idea, with a name that says it all: PreApps  And in that brief time since, they’ve seen some incredible traction and launch buzz, including being featured in the Boston Herald and TechCrunch.

As a developer imagine being able to float your ideas among your potential user base to get feedback and suggestions before you launch your product – making your eventual launch that much more impactful and (hopefully) less stressful!  Plus you’ll already have cultivated a following to give you a bit more of bang on launch day.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a mobile app enthusiast who is able to see what’s coming down the pike, and better yet is able to have an impact on and be an early adopter of an application that could be the next Angry Birds.

PreApps is all about mobile application developers creating and building a relationship with their users BEFORE they launch their applications, The benefits of this synergy, particularly for the developer is immense, and so I’m excited to announce that Microsoft is partnering with PreApps to enable Windows 8 and Windows Phone developers to tap into its growing ecosystem.

Here’s how to take advantage of the offer (through April 11th):

  1. Create a free account on PreApps.
  2. Add a profile for your application (it’s just a short description and some screen shots):
  3. Create a profile for your app

  4. Next, select the posting type – the “User Feedback” tier is what’s being offered free with this partnership:
  5. User Feedback option

  6. After pressing "Order Now", you’ll be taken to the checkout screen, which starts by asking for a credit card. SKIP PAST ALL THAT – no credit card is required.

Near the bottom of the page, you can enter the promo code: Windows01 and when you validate, you’ll be taken to the review screen where you can preview and then post your app.


    Here’s how one of my apps appears now:


    Couple the PreApps offer with the new Keep the Cash promotion and I’m left with one question:

    Whaddaya waitin’ for?! Build some awesome Windows apps!


    I can help – really!

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