Who’s on 8? iStoryBooks

iStoryBooksI first met Rejith Krishnan of Infomarvel a bit over a year ago at an AT&T Hackathon in Boston. At the time he was interested in taking his highly successful iStoryBooks iOS app to Windows Phone.

Fast forward about a year, and now iStoryBooks is part of the Windows Store!  I asked Rejith to put a few words together about his app and the opportunity his team saw in launching on Windows 8, and here’s his story in his own words:

iStoryBooks is a growing collection of books for children. This app has books that include fairy tales, bedtime stories, toddler books, preschool books, nursery school books, kindergarten books, and picture books with accompanying audio for each page. Many of the books are educational in nature geared towards children from K-4. Children can read along with the engaging narration while enjoying the vibrant and colorful pictures.

The app has been downloaded more than 3 million times across various mobile platforms. The web version of the app more than 100,000 active users. The app is used by parents and teachers alike across the world. The app has very good rating in all the platforms.

With Windows 8, we see a huge potential for the reach of our app. Ubiquity of the Windows platform and the momentum it is gaining in the mobile space were the big motivators behind us mobilizing our development team to create the Windows 8 version of the app. We want our app to reach people all over the world. We already have books in English and Spanish. We are translating the books to other languages now. We believe that the Windows platform would expedite our growth across the globe.

Our development team is already working on the next version of the app (with advanced features) for Windows 8. We hope to launch that version this quarter.

Congratulations to Rejith on his new milestone.

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