Windows Azure Interactive Feature Map

One of my favorite ways to present an overview of Windows Azure is via the following image. Well, this is really the last image of a typical presentation, since I start with a blank slate and successively add service blocks and a bit of narrative along the way.

The image below is interactive, so you can hover over each of the components and click to go to the relevant section of the Windows Azure web site to learn more about the feature.

Office Integration SQL Server Windows Azure SDKs Content Delivery Network Windows Azure Traffic Manager Windows Azure Virtual Network Service Bus EAI and EDI Windows Azure Service Bus Active Directory SQL Data Sync Windows Azure Mobile Services Windows Azure Media Services Cloud Services Virtual Machines Windows Azure Web Sites Hadoop on Azure SQL Reporting Windows Azure Storage Caching Federations in SQL Database Windows Azure SQL Database

View Larger Image (non-interactive)

I can't take credit for the graphic’s design. It was my colleague Clint Edmonson who introduced me to the original version, which was the creation of another colleague of ours in Germany, Holger Sirtl; however, I’ve definitely adapted and evolved them a bit as various services have come on-line, and others have been rebranded. 

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