It’s International PowerShell User Group Day!

International PowerShell User Group DayI suppose all my energies have been focused on St. Patty’s Day for the past week or so (I’m allowed given my surname), so I missed the fact that TODAY is International PowerShell User Group Day.

A number of groups from around the world – including the Upstate New York PowerShell User Group – are participating by tuning in to presentations by Don Jones and Ed “Scripting Guy” Wilson, and there are giveaways too!

If you have a local PowerShell group, check and see if it is participating, and stop by their meeting on Monday. The Rochester, New York, group will be meeting at its regular venue, New Horizons, but of course on Monday (that is, TONIGHT, at 6 p.m.) versus their regular Tuesday slot.  Be sure to RSVPand at this point ASAP – to join your fellow scripting geeks.

In the meantime, go out there and hug a cmdlet!

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