RockPaperAzure Hits the Big Time!

My colleagues and I launched the RockPaperAzure competition last spring as fun way for developers to gain some familiarity with Windows Azure – and win a few prizes to boot!  Well, “RockPaperAzure 2.0” – namely a Grand Tournament - just hit, and it’s huge!   We’re opening up the competition to six additional countries and offering $8500 in prizes, with the overall winner pocketing $5000 (USD)!

RockPaperAzure Grand Tournament

So whether for you it’s:

Rock, Paper, Scissors (United States)

Paper, Scissors, Stone (United Kingdom)

Rock, Paper, Scissors-eh (Canada)

Roche, Papier, Ciseaux (Canada – Quebec)

Paper, Scissors, Rock (New Zealand)

剪刀 石头 布 (China)

Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck (Germany)

Sten, Sax, Påse (Sweden)

you’re welcome to join the competition.  And if you’re not a legal resident of one of those countries, we’re sorry we couldn’t accommodate you in the Grand Tournament, but you can still compete for bragging rights in the open rounds!

It’s easy and FREE to play – check out the website for all the details, but be sure to get in before the deadline of July 13th!

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