Learning Opportunities to Embrace the Cloud

We're all in!In case there was ever a doubt that Microsoft is “all in” when it comes to the cloud, hopefully the several opportunities I’m outlining below – all free by the way - will help dispel that notion.  This certainly isn’t a exhaustive list by any means, but here are some of the events and activities that I thought might be of interest, especially if you are still wondering what this cloud hype and Windows Azure is all about!

The RockPaperAzure Challenge is a great way to get introduced to Windows Azure, have some fun, and maybe even win an XBox.  We just kicked off the first of six-weekly challenges, so there’s plenty time to take part.  Play RockPaperAzure!You can get your own 30-day free Azure account to play along and still have plenty of time to explore Windows Azure for your own application needs.  Join the competition anytime, but if you want a primer on Windows Azure and how to play RockPaperAzure, catch us on one of the following Tuesday webcasts (all times are Eastern US).

Capturing the Cloud is a six-segment webcast series, three sessions focused on business decision-makers Microsoft World Wide Eventsand three focused on technical decision-makers, running through April and May.  Each session is co-presented by a Microsoft Windows Azure specialist and a partner – sign up for one or all!   Each webcast runs an hour and begins at 2 p.m. ET.

Jeffrey Richter from Wintellect will be presenting a free, in-person Windows Azure Deep Dive at four locations on the East Coast during May (with the first location also being simulcast).Wintellect  Here are the venues:

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