Dave Nielsen on Azure (video series)

At the beginning of March, I attended the MVP Summit in Redmond, along with a lot of my Evangelist colleagues and, of course, hundreds of MVPs from across the world.  During the week, many of us had an opportunity to chat with Dave Nielsen, co-founder of CloudCamp, on various aspects of cloud computing and Windows Azure; my specific segment covered how startups can and have benefitted from leveraging the Microsoft cloud platform.


MSUserCommunity on YouTubeAll totaled, there are nine short (5 minutes or less) clips available for viewing on the MSUserCommunity Channel on YouTube.  Here’s the rundown of episodes in the series:

Windows Azure Powers Startup Businesses (w/Jim O’Neil)

Dave Nielsen on Azure: Big Data (w/Lynn Langit)

Dave Nielsen on Azure: eGov (w/Lynn Langit)

The Cloud, Azure, and Social Networking (w/Mike Collier)

Windows Azure Increases Productivity (w/Mike Wood)

Mobile Apps and the Cloud (w/Bruno Terkaly)

Supercomputers in the Cloud and Azure Blast (w/Rob Gillen)

Dave Nielsen on Azure: Hybrid Architecture (w/Brian Prince)

The Security of Cloud Computing (w/Brian Prince)

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