Northeast Roadshow Screencasts

Northeast Roadshow I just put the finishing touches on two screencasts covering the presentations I delivered at the last Northeast Roadshow series.   The slides and code samples (in C# and VB this time!) are available on our Code Gallery site; you can get the materials – and other screencasts – from past events there too.   Look for an announcement coming up soon about our next series!

Get Microsoft Silverlight Get Microsoft Silverlight

LINQ De-Crypted

RIA Window: MVVM with Silverlight and Expression Blend

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  1. Brian R Nalewajek says:

    Over all, Jim has done an excellent job with these online presentations.  I was fortunate enough to have seen the in-person presentations, when the NE Road Show hit Farmington/Hartford.

    Having these video’s available is a much better asset than just a slide-deck.  I may be unusual in my preferences, but I like to listen to online webcasts, videos and online presentations like these, while doing mundane chores, taking a walk or doing cardio at the gym.  Sure, some things need visuals; but a lot of the important stuff is best conveyed by a person who knows what they are talking about.  As there are no limits to how often I can reply the presentation, and I’m not dedicating time sitting in front of a display, I can absorb the material by osmosis, if nothing else.  Jim’s done a fine job with his running commentary – I seldom feel compelled to look at the video.

    I would prefer if the volume was loader (so I can crank it up at my workstation, and listen while moving about) – it’s easier to crank it down if it’s too load, than the reverse.

    A bit slower pace would be good too.  He packs a lot of content in these, and a bit more time to contemplate one idea, before moving on to the next, would suit me.

    The production quality is excellent.  There are any number of good presentations available on the web that offer good content, but either the audio, video or both have me struggling to be hear/see what they’re trying to express.  These are nice and clear (and except for viewing on one box with WS 2008 through FireFox), fully adjustable.

    Another good point is that Jim has done these presentations (or reworked them, might be a better way of putting it), to suit the media.  These aren’t noisy and interrupted recordings of in-person events; and no time is wasted watching (or listening), to some one typing or searching for a file.  These are profession quality, online presentations.  It’s also apparent that Jim has used the in-person event experience to refine and update the content.

    I hope these become a regular supplement to the NE Road Show events.

    BRN (aka Brian "O’Neil")

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