Happy New Year, Happy New MVPs

The New Year brings us a few new MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) as well in the Northeast District – congratulations go out to:

Rick Minerich

Rick Minerich – C#

Rick is one of the founders and co-leaders of the F# User Group that meets monthly at NERD in Cambridge.  He’s a frequent presenter at User Groups and Code Camps in New England as well.

Visit his blog here or follow Rick on Twitter.

Andy Novick

Andy Novick – SQL Server

Andy is leader of the New England Visual Basic Professionals User Group and Publicity Director of DAMA, New England.  He’s organized several community events and presents at area Code Camps.

Read his MSSQLTips and view videos at his site.

Miguel de Icaza

Miguel de Icaza – C#

Miguel is a VP at Novell and best known in .NET circles for establishing the Mono Project, an implementation of the CLR and C# on Linux, as well as Moonlight,  a Linux implementation of Silverlight.

Read Miquel’s blog or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. bbean44 says:

    Happy New Year to everyone and congrats on adding the A+ talent for the Northeast!

    Bryan Bean

  2. kitten wallpapers says:

    Happy New Year !!

    Now its time to follow them

    – Sena –

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