Azure IT PAC Tour

One of the more popular exhibits on the Big Room floor at PDC 09 was the Azure IT PAC (Pre-assembled Container).  The IT PAC is the unit of deployment within Azure Data Centers, such as those in San Antonio and Chicago now, and those planning to open in 2010 in Dublin, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong.  The specific unit at PDC was an outdoor, Generation 4 model (as opposed to the older indoor units currently deployed in Chicago and San Antonio).

Check out the short video of the IT PAC I shot at PDC, after a quick tour from some of the Microsoft guys behind their deployment.


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Adjacent to the IT PAC at PDC was a short, professional-quality video playing that showed how the unit is put together from the ground up.  I’m told that video should appear shortly at Microsoft Showcase, joining the concept video available there now, so check back within the next week or so for that.

Lastly, Ina Fried has a great series of photos at the CNET site of the same container at PDC (clearly I need to upgrade from my Sony NSC-GC1!).  Also check out her recent coverage of the Chicago data center.

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