Troy (NY & area): Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

It’s going to be a busy week in the capital area of New York next week, and a great time to get knee deep in all things technical!

Trojan Horse Tech Valley Code Camp – Saturday, Nov. 7th at SUNY Albany

There’s 20 sessions and over 100 signed up thus far!  I hope to see you there as I deliver my “7 on 7” spiel.

Tech Valley User Group – Tuesday, Nov. 10th at VersaTrans in Latham

For the group’s monthly meeting, Rob Fisch, Director of Global Technology at Kaz, Inc, is speaking on Getting Started with Reporting Services.

Northeast Roadshow – Thursday, Nov. 12th at RPI

Chris and I are bringing you the “Don’t Fear the Coder” tour with topics including Silverlight and MVVM, ASP.NET, LINQ, and WCF.  (We’re taking the show to six other venues as well!)

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