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Windows 7Given that Windows 7 is now mainstream, I thought I’d spend some time highlighting some of the main features that developers can leverage.  Beginning tomorrow and over the next week, I’ll have a post a day on one of the new APIs or capabilities enabled by Windows 7.  [For those of you at Boston Code Camp 12 or planning to attend the Tech Valley Code Camp, this will all sound very familiar!]

My posts obviously can’t go into great detail of all that Windows 7 has to offer, so make sure you’ve got some bookmarks set to the following sites as you begin to explore the capabilities of the new operating system.

  • Windows 7 Developer Center on MSDN

  • Windows 7 Training Kit – a download providing code samples, hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that highlight the new features.

  • Windows SDK – in ISO or web download format.

  • Windows 7 on Channel 9 – awesome introductions and deep-dives into the new features by the Windows 7 Technical Evangelist, Yochay Kiriaty, and members of the Windows 7 engineering teams.

  • Windows API Code Pack – managed code wrappers for most of the new APIs offered by Windows 7 (sensor and location, Direct2D, taskbar and libraries, etc.).

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