Code Camp 12: 7 on 7 Resources

Code Camp 12Thanks to all of you that made it out for Code Camp 12 in Waltham today and special thanks to the team of Chris Bowen and Chris Pels, who make it all happen twice a year.

I had fun doing the “7 on 7” session (though failed miserably at my 7-minute per topic goal!); there were lots of great questions, which always makes the presenting more enjoyable on my end.  If you did make the session, I had a handout of some links relevant to the content.  In case you lost that sheet, or didn’t make my session – there was certainly a lot of great ‘competing’ talks to choose from – I’m including the links below.  There’s even one or two extras here for good measure!

General References

Windows Developer Center

Windows 7 Training Kit

Windows API Code Pack

Windows 7 SDK

Windows 7 Application Compatibility Cookbook

ISV Front Runner program

Channel 9 (including video tutorials!)

XP Mode

XP Mode/Virtual PC site

Intel Virtualization

AMD Virtualization


Microsoft UX Guidelines

XP2Win7 Application

Introducing the Taskbar APIs (MSDN Magazine)

Federated Search


Federated Search (MSDN)

Creating and OpenSearch Description File (MSDN)

Extended Linguistic Services

Extended Linguistic Services (MSDN)

Unicode Consortium


Introducing Direct2D (MSDN Magazine)

DirectX Developer Center

DirectX Developer Blog

Sensor and Location API

Windows Sensor and Location Platform

Freescale JM Badge Board

Windows Sensors and Location Platforms

Sensor API (MSDN)

Location API (MSDN)


Windows Touch: Developer Resources

MultiTouch Capabilities in Windows 7 (MSDN Magazine)

Windows Touch (MSDN)

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