SQL Azure CTP 2

SQL Azure CTP 2 This one is hot off-the-presses!  SQL Azure CTP 2 was just released and incorporates the complete feature set that will be available when SQL Azure officially goes live at PDC 2009.

CTP 2 is being hosted on a completely new live production environment, but if you were already provisioned for CTP 1, you’ll automatically have an account in the new environment (which also includes an updated portal and URL scheme).  An e-mail was sent this morning to all CTP 1 registrants to that effect.

You will need to reprovision your databases, but the good news is that CTP 2 comes with support for bulk insert!  SSIS was and continues to be supported as well.  The existing CTP 1 environment, including databases you set up there, will still be accessible through the end of the year.

Rather than just duplicate what the SQL Azure folks have announced, I’d suggest you check out their most recent blog post detailing the new features and other changes.

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