MySynths on Facebook

Photosynth Live Labs logo white Got some great pictures from summer vacation? or a family reunion?  Here’s a cool way to share them with all your Facebook friends:  the folks at speakTech have created a Facebook application called MySynths that lets you upload PhotoSynth creations right to your wall.

If you haven’t heard of PhotoSynth (which just celebrated it’s first birthday!), it’s an application that accepts a series of two-dimensional digital images - snapshots from your digital camera - analyzes them, and then creates an interactive 3-d experience capturing the subject of your photos.  All you have to do is snap the pictures (there’s a few simple rules for the best results), upload them, and it does the rest.   Once you’ve published your ‘synth’, you can then include it on your Facebook page via the MySynths application.

I’ve put a couple up – the Old North Bridge and the Minute Man Statue - that I did in Minute Man National Historic Park about a year ago.  It’s an awesome way to share your experiences with all your on-line buddies!

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