Nashua Gets Agile

All you New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts agilophiles take note! The inaugural meeting of the Nashua Scrum Club will be held at Harbor Homes, 45 High Street in Nashua on Thursday, September 24th from 6 – 8:30 p.m.

Register for the event here!

The Nashua group, under the leadership of Bob Fischer and Mary St. Germain, is the very first Scrum Club chapter on the East Coast; here’s their mission statement:

Scrum Club is a professional organization where people can learn and apply Agile project management and advanced technical practices while giving back to the community.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Bob and Mary to discuss their plans for the group, and am particularly excited by the ‘giving back to the community’ aspect. In addition to learning about agile development practices from top-notch industry speakers (which is valuable in itself), the plan is for the group to actively apply what they are learning to actual projects benefitting non-profit organizations in the area.  

For those of you looking for a job where agile practices are used, or even for those wanting to bring agile development into their own organizations, this is a fantastic opportunity to not only ‘talk-the-talk’ but ‘walk-the-walk’ and get some hands-on experience under your belt and on your resume.  By the way, agile isn’t just for development geeks; project managers, quality assurance engineers, and anyone else involved in the product lifecycle are encouraged to join the group.

Microsoft is a sponsor of the Nashua Scrum Club’s inaugural meeting, and I’m looking forward to watching the group grow and evolve.  Unfortunately, I’ll be enroute back from our Augusta stop on the Northeast Roadshow for the kickoff, but am already looking forward to the October meeting.

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