VB Samples For Entity Framework

One of the more frequent frustrations I’ve heard is how so much sample code is based on C#, leaving our Visual Basic contingent to fend for themselves.  I’ve seen the tide changing a bit recently, including the recent posting of Entity Framework VB samples on Code Gallery.

As mentioned by Elisa Flasko on the ADO.NET team blog:

This week the team was able to make available in VB, 7 of our Entity Framework Samples that were previously only available in C#. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to one of our wonderful VB MVPs, Jim Wooley, who graciously offered his help to get [sic] translate these samples and make them available to community. The newly added samples include

· EF Extensions

· Entity Framework Lazy Loading

· Persistence Ignorance (POCO) Adapter for Entity Framework V1

· Entity Framework Documentation Samples (3 new samples)

· Entity Framework Query Samples

Comments (2)

  1. Jim Wooley says:

    As point of clarification, the samples are on the MSDN Code Gallery not CodePlex. I hope people appreciate the samples.

  2. Jim O'Neil says:

    Sorry about that, Jim.  I’ve corrected the text (at least the link went to the right place!)

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