I guess I’m showing my age, but the first thing I thought of when hearing about this clip (below) was the 1979 movie with Jon Voight (er, Angelina’s dad for the GenXers).  Microsoft’s recent take on the theme may not be Oscar material, but if you’re crying at the end of this, it’s from laughing…

This is part of the WCF Champ vs. The Contender site launched today to provide a gateway to materials on getting started with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).  WCF is as ambitious as it is powerful, configurable as it is encompassing, SOAPy as it is RESTful.  The site is a compendium of resources that help lower the barrier of entry and give you a place to start whether you’re a web developer, enterprise architect, or already got your head in the cloud.

By the way, stay tuned; there’s a couple more of these videos coming.

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