In case you missed Dean Hachamovitch’s keynote at MIX09 this morning, Internet Explorer 8 is now officially released, in 25 languages no less! 


Get IE8  

Check out the videos here for quick insights into how IE makes browsing easier, faster, and more secure with features like

  • Increased standards compliance
  • Web Slices
  • Accelerators
  • Instant Search Box
  • SmartScreen filtering
  • In-Private browsing

Another great place for insight into the new features, especially how changes may impact existing sites, check out the MSDN IE blog.

Comments (4)

  1. Strange says:

    I am not able to open IE8 after installing it on Win Vista 32

  2. Teedoff says:

    I am having problems installing IE8. When I downloaded IE8 it said I needed to install an update before installing IE8. When I tried to install the update, I was told that my service pack version (SP3) was newer than the update. Every time I try to install IE8 downloading has a check mark but from the malicious software install on I get all red Xs. Do you know if there is a work around?


    Jerry W.

  3. Jim O'Neil says:

    @Strange.. are you getting and error message, or simply nothing happens?

  4. Jim O'Neil says:

    Jerry,  I know there was an issue with XP SP3 and IE8 in terms of being able to back out the SP and/or the RC versions of IE8, but I haven’t heard an issue in installing it.   I’m not sure what you mean by "the malicious software install on".   My best recommendation is post this on the MSDN forums, since it’s more likely someone here might have a similar configuration and run into it.

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